Supporting, guiding, coaching and developing people of all ages and abilities.     Inspiring and reinforcing independent thinking.


M & J Tennis fully integrates the 4 core pillars of learning tennis:       They are:

Physical, Technical, Tactical and Mental. 

The Physical pillar is the key to the whole process. Without a solid fundamental athletic base a players potential will always be limited.

Technical skills then follow on from the Physical. A player's technical skill developed well will open up and dictate their tactical options.

Tactical Options.    Awareness  and understanding then allow the player to begin to discover their full potential as they arrive at the Mental Pillar. 

The Mental Pillar is the ability to manage all the facets of their learning process under the pressure of a competitive environment.



Matt Williamson

LTA Level 4

An individual lesson with Matt is £35 per hour

Or half an hour £20


Jan Burnett

LTA Level 4

An individual lesson with Jan is £35 per hour

Or half an hour is £20

Roger Harrison

LTA Level 3

An individual lesson with Roger is £15


Matt, Jan and Roger

M & J Tennis was formed specifically to provide an exclusive service to The Park Tennis Club.

In 2018, Matt Williamson and Jan Burnett were invited to channel their combined knowledge, skills and overall expertise into a new coaching project to  help the Club to rebuild their membership and potentially raise the playing standards across all age groups.

In 2020, Roger Harrison, already a key member of the Club, embarked on his journey to become a Coach.     He is now an important addition to the M & J Tennis coaching team.

All M&J Tennis coaches are licensed and have a current DBS


You can share individual lessons for up to 4 persons for the same price per hour


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