at The Park Tennis Club, Nottingham


We offer a unique  approach to tennis coaching   with a  distinctive  organic  style,   incorporating   international methods




Tuesdays         6-7pm

Ideal if you are starting or if you haven't played for a while and want easing back into the game.

This offers basic technique needed to play a game.    You will learn scoring and positioning too.

Coach Roger


Tuesdays         7-8pm

Ideal if you already play and want to learn the next stage with others.

Some technique and matchplay basics included.

Coach Matt


Saturday       12-1pm

These are High Intensity Spanish Drills - for anyone (11+/ Teens/Adults) who can competently hit a yellow ball.

Based on Spanish Academy training.

Can be hard work but enjoyable 

Coaches M & J



An in-depth approach to learning

Sound technique is the core to a successful game. Without it, players can be limited in their tactical ability to play the game. In many cases, a sound technique will help in reducing short or long term injuries.

Mentoring  -  when you begin a series of individual lessons, we can provide mentoring for you along the way.   We can support you through post play/match discussions either by phone, email or on your next meeting.

Development - our sessions provide the ideal environment to develop the skills – they are focussed, energised, but entirely forgiving to help build confidence in the learning process. They can really accelerate your success. 

Whatsapp  -  the best support to your individual sessions would be to join the 'Hitting only' Club WhatsApp group with similar standard players to practise what you have been working on


Or choose to join one of our groups 


To get involved contact us  info@mandjtennis.co.uk


All Adult group sessions are run on a pay and play basis
Cost £9 per session.

Individual lesson costs are as follows:

Matt Williamson (Level 4) £35 per hour / £20 for 30 mins

Jan Burnett (Level 4)   £35 per hour  £20 for 30 mins

Roger Harrison(Level 3)  £20 per hour  £12 for 30 mins


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